Minister of Civil Aviation Announces Fees for Passengers Departing from Egyptian Airports.

On Wednesday 31/08/2019 morning Egypt’s Minister of Civil Aviation Younis al-Masry announced a decision to collect fees from all passengers departing Egyptian airports, whether they are foreign or domestic flights.

These fees, to be collected in US dollars or passenger’s local equivalent, would be imposed in exchange for various services offered at Egyptian airports starting from 15 November 2019, according to al-Masry al-Youm.

25$ are to be collected from every passenger departing on international scheduled flights or charter flights.

For passengers boarding domestic flights a service fee of $5 is to be charged.

Minister Al-Masry also stated that passengers would be requested to pay 2$ at any of Egyptian airports except Sharm el-Sheikh airport which fees are 4$, fees to contribute towards the development of airport security systems and procedures.

While the ministry did not clarify how this fee will be charged and collected, historic trends suggest that it will be incorporated in airline ticket prices.

The minister also decided to increase the landing and parking fees by 15 percent.

These various new charges come as part of a broader developmental plan intended to improve airport infrastructure, lounges, runways as well as logistic and entertainment services across Egypt’s airports.

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